About Me

Hello, to all the teaheads out there.

I am Shinzo Shiratori, a currently fifteen years old obsessed tea lover. Located in Calgary, and lived in Vancouver for five years, I love everything and anything about tea! I completed my first professional tea course in Vancouver, at the Best Tea House on April 21st, 2017. I am certified with completion of the highest level of tea course from the Best Tea House. This blog is for people who are looking for more knowledge, experience, and sharing about tea related topics, such as tasting, appreciating, trying to understand and also being closer with tea. I think that tea brings people together, relationships closer, and your life better. Tea is a flexible topic, and my goal for the world is to improve peoples wellbeing with tea making. I am extremely passionate about tea making, and consider tea as not only a drink, but a lifetime journey. I will do reviews on tea samples I receive and share about the experience, and companies such as O5 tea, Silver Crescent Tea, Oollo Tea, the Best Tea House, and Spiritea have all agreed to share there teas with me and to provide them with the appropriate feedback. I am sure not an expert, but I think the viewers would very much be interested in hearing this kid rumble tea. On this website, I will sharing more detailed information about specific teas and mainly tea reviews, where around once a while I will be posting on my older website things related more to my personal life and more of like my spiritual dialogue of teas. If you have any questions or would like to be a part of this blog, please leave me a message at shinzo2403@gmail.com. I hope you will enjoy the ride, sit back, relax, and I will see you soon.

Thank you,

Shinzo Shiratori

The obsessive tea lover holding a valuable Pu Erh tea.