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Floral Mountain Tie Guan Yin

Floral Mountain Tie Guan Yin Tea from Totem Tea
Basic info about this special tea: 


The classy packaging; have to appreciate the goodness and care:)

Tie Guan Yin varietal
– From Alishan, Chiayi, in Taiwan
– Muzha style
– Temperature ( 92 degrees celsius)
– Brewing Vessel ( Large Dehua porcelain gaiwan 100ml)
– Grams of Leaves ( 5 grams)
– Steeping Time ( less than 25 seconds per infusion, and every infusions increasing the time by 15 seconds)
Main Info
Number of Total Steepings:
– 6 strong infusions.
Aroma of Dry Leaves:
– Slight smoky,
– Roasted corn flakes
– Cereal like.
Aroma of Wet Leaves:
– Persimmons
– Poached peaches with fried rice.
Taste Profile:
– Similar to a Oriental Red dan cong tea
– Honey, Ripe mango, Papaya, And lychee profile.
Texture Profile:
– Leather, Library books. Not too sticky
– More of a mouthfeel and richer taste compared with other Taiwanese high mountain tea.
– Crisp, Slightly sour taste from the Muzha. Hui gan is slow but long lasting. .
– Price: 15 USD
– Rating 7.5 out of 10.
Something triggering has happened when I tried this tea. As I smelled the flying scent of the craftsmanship, I began to recall the moments of when I really started to discover the beauty of tea. When I first had the Oriental Red Dan Cong at my friends house in Vancouver, I was lost for words. I cannot even describe the amount of significance and declaration of satisfaction I felt from drinking every sip of that golden drink. My mind felt as if I entered nirvana, and didn’t care where I was going. The scent I first got when interacting with the warm dry leaves and me bringing back the emotions from the past was great. The cornflake like, typical cereal or cookie smell was present, like how in a dan cong some of the major characteristics are like the marzipan or butter cookies .

Golden balls of goodness.

Oriental Red was a mixture of Duck Shit and Ba Xian together. A buttery, fruity, spicy, and dry finished dan cong. Truly remarkable. But, don’t have the money to spend 8000 CAD for 500 grams. That’s 160 dollars per pot, and most people won’t pay that kind of money for the drink. I would rather buy something affordable for my budget, but not as long lasting as the dan cong. This muzha doesn’t last too long, while the mouthfeel is still consistent and the bitterness still being persistent. The sour taste becomes more metallic and I would’ve wished that the tea can last a little longer. That’s the only thing I wished was different.

Honey liquid, rich and thick like a quality tea.

The packaging is very organized, clear, and the leaves are nice and shiny. Very affordable too. 15 dollars for a package is better than any other price I’ve seen before for Taiwanese Tie Guan Yin’s out there on the western market. I must say that I am very impressed and Totem tea; you converted me to Taiwanese Tie Guan Yin. I very much was intrigued by the incredible honey and strong fragrance it carried while being very grounding and having a thick body. My final rating for this tea would be a 7.5 out of 10. Great tea for people who are looking into trying to get a very uplifting and satisfying experience at the same time, and very affordable. Thanks Phillip for this tea, and more reviews coming shortly.