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2015 Bingdao Raw Pu Erh Tea

2015 Raw Pu Erh tea from Bingdao, Lingcan. Dry cake.

Basic Info about this Tea

  • From Bingdao, Yunnan China
  • 200 to 300 year old tea trees
  • 180 dollars/200g cake
  • 1800 metres                                          

    The landscape terroir of the Bingdao Raw Pu Erh Tea

Brewing Parameters

Temperature (93 to 95 degrees celsius)

Brewing Vessel (small Jingdezhen gaiwan around 90 ml)

Grams of Leaves ( 6 grams)

Steeping Time ( less than 3 seconds per infusion, increasing by 2 seconds every 5 infusions)


Main Info

Number of Total Steeps (more than 15)

Aroma of Dry Leaves ( rich greens, vegital, and very clean)

Aroma of Wet Leaves ( dry plum, heavy longan, a hint of peach)

Taste Profile ( salty caramel, freshly boiled skinless potatoes, and a rush of honeysuckle)    

The wet leaves of the infusion from the Bingdao Tea.

Texture Profile ( extra smooth, easy to drink)

Feeling/ Aftertaste ( strong chi, cool to the body and recommend during summer)

Poetic Expression ( The moment you inhale and exhale, your body feels as if the tea has washed all impurities, scars and deep trauma)

On May 31st, I invited my friend over for a session of pu erh tea, and we wanted to experiment what may happen if we drink an overload of gushu pu erh in one hour. I wanted to show him that tea isn’t just a beverage, but a study of oneself, a study of the mind. Everytime you drink tea, you should always connect yourself and your knowledge to really investigate what there is to the tea. Tea is like your friend, and you have to figure that person out. The character, the flaws, and the great potentials. Eventually, as you figure out this friend, you may be able to find out about yourself, because how you perceive something will teach you how your mind really works. Now, as we moved on, we slowly became more tea drunk, and started talking more loudly, and really got to experience how tea affects our body & soul. I have to also say that this tea is not very bouncy compared to other gushu raw pu erhs, and I guess that is because of the age of the tea trees, and also because this tea wasn’t at all bitter, which means it contains less polyphenols, meaning you will feel less active and more quiet, peaceful, but still aware. This Bingdao was exceptional, and very tasty. Overall, if I have the right to, I would rate this 9/10 stars. It has wonderful aromatics, great texture, but wanted a little bit more punch. The softness is truly awesome, but as a young raw, I just hoped to get a little more kick in the later infusions after the 11 or 12th. It is a pricy cake, but it is not easy to get great material like this from Bingdao, Lingcan as recently the prices are crazy for the real stuff. You can contact Lillian Li at lillian@spiritea.ca and ask her for some smaller portions like 25 grams or 50 grams. Definitely would recommend her studio, and the place is gorgeous, as the gallery is located right in front of the sea near Waterfront in downtown Vancouver.  This was a wonderful experience, and I hope I and you can have many more experiences like this to come in the near future.

The beautiful liquor of the Bingdao Raw Pu Erh Tea.